The best materials coupled with an innovative design makes for a very durable, efficient, and aesthetic system at a very attractive price.


The Hollow Core Profile, HCP(r), absorber is extruded in a single four-foot width and is designed to enhance optimum heat collection by providing maximum contact between the sun and water directly below the absorber’s surface.


The collectors manifold is designed to distribute water evenly among the panels in a system without the use of external piping. A proprietary process and unique design are used to join the collector manifold and absorber panel to eliminate stress and joint failures.

Collector Manifold

The collector’s manifold distributes water evenly among individual panels without external piping.

Hollow Core Absorber Panel

Our unique absorbers collect and transfer solar energy from the sun’s warming rays to the water directly beneath the panel’s surface. Each 4-foot wide absorber panel is made from a tough, durable specially compounded long-life copolymer.

Modular Steel Frame

sturdy modular frames, made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, are easy to install and provide strength where required.


Every FS panel is backed by a fiberglass substrate to shield the back side of the collector from wind and protect the surface of the panel from the roof and the roof from the panel.