Our high quality collectors begin with the most important part of a solar water collector… the absorber and coating. Our absorbers & coating are manufactured in Germany by the Tinox Corporation. The Tinox coating is the highest rated selective coating in the world (95% absorption and 3% irradiance). In addition the absorber fins are ultrasonically welded to the copper risers rather than a solder or mechanical crimp connection which will in most climates loosen over time.

The highly durable and efficient absorber is incased within a low iron prism solar glass and an electrostatic black coated aluminum frame. A thick UV resilient EPDM gasket connects the frame with the glass (no screws!). Our collectors carry a 12 year warranty.

Cross Section Views

Solar Water Heater Collector Cut Away Cad
Solar Water Collector Diagram Solar Water Collector Inside Corner

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Solar Water Heater Collectors on House

Concealed Piping Options

We offer two styles of collectors; the traditional piping from the side and a version that has the piping entering from underneath the panel. Our patent pending hidden piping collectors provide a sleek clean look. Not only are side pipe collectors unattractive but their piping insulation and cover can possibly deteriorate over time via the outside elements.

Low Iron Prism Glass

Solar Water Heater Glass

The low iron prism solar glass reduces glare and improves the performance while also hiding the inside absorber from view. The stripes from the absorber cannot be clearly seen from the ground level of a home or building. Our solar glass has passed Europe’s ISO for hailstone resistance.

Flexible Gasket Connections

Solar Water Heater Collector Connection

Collectors not aligning for a solder connection?  Our inner connectors are comprised of flexible stainless steel, brass hex heads and high temperature gaskets.

Connect with just wrenches!

Solar Water Heater Connection 2

Durable Frame


The electrostatic coated aluminum frame has a unique patented structure that provides incredible stability. Each corner is reinforced with thick aluminum braces and the midsection includes an underlying cross beam.



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